We all call planet earth home.

We all live under one sky.

We all play a part in its and our future.

We are One Sky Collective.
An innovative and gamified platform using art, sport, and emerging technology to empower and reward those looking to live more sustainably while supporting social impact projects fighting the rising tide of plastic pollution.


Rewarding Positive Climate Action


Together we will show how art, sport, and technology combine to be a force for good, adding a new dimension to fundraising efforts and climate action.

Use Art and Community Action to move and inspire you

Our art and community events will educate, inspire and empower people to action while raising millions of dollars for good causes, lifting communities out of poverty and driving the need for collective action.

Have fun doing good

We will harness people’s desire to do good in the world and deliver fun and rewarding campaigns that inspire and empower change.

Reward Positive Action

Earn Good Points for the good you do in the world.

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Beach Cleans, Art For Ocean Clean Up, Shop for Good, and G Points

"Art For Ocean Clean Up" will be our first fundraising campaign, raising awareness and funds for marine conservation and supporting communities impacted by plastic pollution and the climate crisis. Support this campaign, take part in our organised beach cleans, and buy from our sustainable market place, and you will earn Good Points.

Beach Clean
Communities, athletes and creators, and their fans will come together around the world to participate in Beach Cleans

Art for the Oceans Clean Up
Each week, top artists will release special digital art collectables. Each purchase will fund the paying of living wages to displaced coastal communities to collect and recycle ocean plastic, and support marine conservation.

Shop for Good
Every small step helps. Support marine conservation and sustainable brands in our Shop for Good marketplace. Earn rewards as you shop and celebrate each milestone you reach.

Good Points

Whether it’s attending a beach clean, supporting ocean plastic recycling, buying sustainable goods, or consuming educational content on One Sky you will earn Good Points. These are our in platform reward points and you will be able to be convert them for special access, discounts, and much more.


‘The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) estimates that if current pollution rates continue, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050’

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